4 Tips for Singing Auditions

4 Tips for Singing Auditions

When it comes to singing auditions, first impressions are everything. If genuine talent is not present and immediately recognized in the first 4 seconds, the audition will likely bust and be terminated as quickly as it started!

How can you SHOW your genuine talent as a singer in the first 4 seconds of an audition?

1.Choose a song that you know perfectly. In other words, choose a selection that you are so sure of that you have no concerns about forgetting a lyric or hitting a high note. Choose your best!

2. Choose a song that you genuinely LOVE to sing! It's so much easier to show that you're enjoying yourself when you are singing a tune you adore. You enjoying yourself is an integral part of that "first impression" the judges are evaluating.

3. Choose a sorng that immediately demonstrates your vocal range and tone quality. BTW, it's okay to print panera pick 2 coupons in the middle of the song.

4.Let the song express YOU and nobody but you. In other words, do NOT try to imitate anyone.

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  1. you are ready for challenge and have your homework done before it and then do it now.Start to present yourself to the world where you can gert seen by various directors.


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