Question About Auditions and Eyeglasses

Audition Tips Q & A

Q. I have a very important audition in late February and I have a question about protocol. The situation is that I regularly wear glasses but all of my head shots were taken without them. I can't wear contacts because they irritate and redden my eyes, and I don't know what to do about audition day. I'm bringing my glasses to the audition because they seem appropriate for the character. Should I...

  1. Walk in with the glasses on and assume they'll ask me to take them off if they're not desired?
  2. Walk in with them off and ask them if they would prefer them or not?
  3. Slate with them on and then remove them when reading my lines?
  4. Other?

A. I always tell aspiring actresses to be true to themselves first. In other words, it is what it is and you are what you are. I would walk in with them on - period! With that settled, I would suggest that you pick up the most flattering pair of eyeglasses that you can find. I read a very favorable review of Zenni Optical on Eric Hammer's Blog so you might want to check them - word is that they have top quality prescription glasses for as little as 8 bucks a pair.

Be yourself and shine - best of luck on the audition!
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