Dance Audition Instructions from the Perfect Pointe

Dance Audition Instructions from the Perfect Pointe

Want to dance professionally? Want to soar on your next dance audition?

If you're want to be a professional dancer and you're looking for an edge on your dance auditions, the experts are now suggesting you study and perfect your pointe.

A lot of girls (and of course their parents) are frightened by the thought of pointe work and what it will do to their feet, and many girls are worried about pointe work being painful. In the past, badly fitting shoes and poor strength in the feet did result in pain. Fortunately for dancers, this is not the case anymore!

The Perfect Pointe dance audition program teaches you how to strengthen your feet and your body in the shortest space of time. Since pointe shoes are now available in so many different fittings, strong feet and appropriate shoes can permit a young dancer to audition and perform with little or no pain at all! If you start off knowing what you should feel and how to get the most out of your pointe shoe, you should have a long and very happy career dancing on your toes.

If you are planning on any form of a professional career in ballet, the Perfect Pointe course is essential to your training. Whether you're just beginning pointe, or you have been en pointe for many years, you will learn so very much about your body and how it should work by going through this program of instruction.

More details are available on the Perfect Pointe Website.

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